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Frequently asked questions

How to apply ?

You can register yourself and get started. (It's free.) Click here for register.

Who qualifies to be a contributor?

A contributor is anyone who has the ability to photography, artwork skill. But, You must provide your own photography and own artworks. You will start as bronze member and should upload at least 10 wallpapers.

What are the rules I have to pay attention to?

  • Please don't provide CC0 content other's.
  • You should provide your own artwork, photos..etc
  • You can provide transformative high effort artistic photos. If you use assets from an anime, drawing, game, movie,tv show; you would need to transform them enough that you have an original piece.
  • Your own art or photography that transforms other's CC0 content substantially.
  • We are not accept content for adults. But, Feel free to send beautiful woman pictures, celebrities. (But not fully naked please. )
  • If you create fake traffic or share licensed photos of others, your account will be blocked forever !!

What should I not to do ?

  • Don't click on ads if you're not really interested. That won't make you any extra money.
  • Please don't refresh the page on your own wallpaper pages. Unique visitor count won't change when you refresh the page.

What is level and what determines ?

  • Basically, We have 4 level.( Bronze , Silver, Gold, Platinum ).
  • Bronze level is for beginners and limited for upload 10 wallpapers only per month. The contributor cannot get wallpaper upload revenue who in this level . This level allow our head editor to see your photos and content quality.
  • Silver level is not have any upload restriction and beginning point of revenue share.
  • Gold level is have over 100 wallpapers and earn %5 more.
  • Platinum level is have over 500 wallpapers and get %10 more revenue then other levels.

How can i increse my level ?

Simple, Provide unique and qualified content regulary basis. Our editors will change your level according to this. Both content quality and wallpaper count determine your level.

Will i get lifetime revenue with my wallpapers ?

  • You have to upload over 60 wallpapers in last 6 month, you will get revenue both existing and newest wallpapers.
  • if you don't upload more then 60 wallpapers in last 6 month, your revenue will redure to %30 over your total revenue.
  • if you don't upload more then 60 wallpapers in last 1 year, you cannot get revenue.

How can i see my revenue?

You can see your finalized revenue from contributor admin area transaction menu. Additionally, You can see your estimated revenue and accumulative carry forword from admin area dashboard. We are update estimated revenue daily basis.

When does the revenue share get paid out?

The revenue share gets paid out on a monthly basis via paypal. We are doing payment last week of the month, depends on reqirement and holidays, this date may change. (assuming there is money owed and it exceeds $20).
We are not support any other payment method for now.

What is the revenue share plan structure?

It varies partner to partner. You can earn off of your wallpaper quality, content popularity. Basically, We share up to 60% of our net revenue.

How many wallpaper can I upload ?

Bronze members can upload only 10 wallpapers per month and not get revenue. For upper level members, there is not any upload restriction.

Are the wallpapers I upload are directly published?

No, We have authors and your wallpapers are controlled by them. Wallpapers with poor quality will be rejected by specifying the reason for rejection.

Do I have to crop wallpapers?

Once your wallpaper accepted, Our photo editors crop your wallpapers and publish them.

What information should I provide during upload ?

There are 4 information you need to provide for each upload. Wallpaper, Category, Title, Tags. The description section is optional.

How can i increase my revenue ?

Provide popular and updated content. In addition, linking your wallpapers page from your blog or website will affect your revenue positively.

How can i see my revenue ?

You can see your monthly estimated revenue in dashboard. We are update it on daily basis. Additionally, You can see your finalized revenue from transactions.

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